Find Out Which Natural Hair Removal Method Fits You Best

Almost every woman around the world has to struggle with the awful issue of unwanted hair in some parts of her body. Many technologies and modern methods have been developed for this kind of treatment, but if you want to stay away from chemicals, lasers, electrolysis and stuff like that, the natural hair removal techniques are the best alternative for you. There are many options available, such as waxing, sugaring, threading and tweezing. Each one of them provides a convenient way out for a specific corporal zone. Let’s see.

During the waxing, warmed wax is uniformly spread over the skin. Then a cloth is laid on the waxed area, massaged to stick to the wax and quickly pulled off in the opposite direction of hair growth. This way, hair is pulled out by the root and it may cause some pain. The major problem with this procedure is that it causes redness, irritation and can also damage the skin tissues, generating wrinkles in the long term. A very practical option could be pre-waxed cloths, which can be warmed and applied instantly, making the process much simpler. The waxing results probably last 6 to 8 weeks, but you need to wait for your hair to grow half an inch before repeating this practice. You should keep in mind that your skin requires some preparation and a post waxing treatment to reduce potential damage. Moreover, stay alert and do not overheat the wax, so that you do not burn yourself. If you choose natural and safe ingredients, you will be really pleased with the results. This method can be done at home, it is quite affordable and you do not need help to do it.

Sugaring is similar and as traditional as waxing, but it is not that painful. Nothing grabs your skin, the sugar sticks exclusively to your hair, so the process is milder and it does not cause much irritation. Your hair is still being pulled out, so you are going to feel a little soreness. No sophisticated accessories are needed for this practice, only sugar and washable and reusable cloths. You can do this yourself, by mixing a cup of sugar with the juice of half a lemon, a bowl of honey and some corn starch. This mixture can be heated up over a low flame or in the microwave, for 3 or 4 minutes. Keep in mind that the sugar’s temperature should be apt in order to avoid skin burns. Outcomes are comparable to waxing results, but you need to be careful and make sure there is no hair left. Besides, a post moisturizing treatment is recommended for better results. Anyone can make use of this method at home or in a beauty salon, and the required ingredients are quite easy to find.

For small facial areas, threading is the most effective hair removal method, especially around the eyes, where your skin can be very sensitive. Chemicals, waxes or sugar may irritate or hurt your tissue, causing reddishness and future wrinkles. As you are considering a very delicate part of your body, you should definitely get a professional to perform the practice. It essentially involves a cotton thread, which is rolled and twisted along the skin, catching the hair and pulling it out by the root in a lift move. The effects are fantastic, and the entire procedure does not take more than 10 minutes. Depending on how fast your hair grows, they can last up to 1 or 2 weeks. It is a valuable and safe way to get your eyebrows shaped, just for a few bucks. What is more, general depilation and DIY hair removal can be done through the threading method using specific tools, available on the market.

A cheaper and faster practice for facial hair removal is tweezing. It is extremely harmless and quite effective, because it does not cause any irritation or pain and its results last up to a week or even more. To avoid any injures to your skin, you should work patiently, trying to grab only the hair. A shaping guide, such as marks on your eyebrows, could be useful to set a good line and improve your look. You do not need expensive products, just a mirror and a pair of tweezers and you will be ready to go.

Shaving is obviously the most comfortable and inexpensive technique if you use recyclable razors and moisturizing shaving creams or soaps. It is a hygienic and express procedure, which can be done at home, during a shower. However, you need to take good care of the shaved areas, mostly sensitive ones, where some irritation can be generated. The hair is basically cut off at the skin level, and then the results do not last as long as when it is pulled out using depilation methods. On the other hand, you can shave whenever you want, no matter the length of your hair. Although razors are not exactly organic, many improvements in the cosmetic field have made possible to have access to safely disposable and head replaceable razors, in order to reduce waste.

When you are in a hurry and you need to get ready for a special occasion, buffing may be a handy and quick solution. It involves a mitt, which is used to buff hair off at the skin level, with no irritating sensation whatsoever. It is low-cost and perfect for use on your legs in urgent situations, although its effects do not last long. Susceptible zones, such as your face or your bikini line may not be suitable for this type of practice.

As you can notice, we go back to natural and long-established methods when it comes to our health and beauty. With these techniques you will actually get rid of that hair making your skin as smooth as it always has been. In addition, organic alternatives are both environmental and body friendly, making them an outstanding choice for systems.